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Frankford High School Aviation Academy

The Frankford Aviation Academy is an educational program
that provides training for a career in aviation, leading directly to
employment opportunities. Through this program, students
will be able to fly solo by age 16, earn their Private Pilot
License by 17, achieve Certified Flight Instructor by 18,
and become an Airline Pilot by 21.

How to Apply?

Applications will be available at a special assembly on Friday, January 12th.

All applications are due no later than Friday, January 26th.


• To enroll in the program, applicants must possess a profound English  language written and verbal skills,
one year of algebra, and proof of United States citizenship or approval from
the Transportation Security Administration.
• Prior to commencing with the flight training, all students must obtain an aviation medical certificate from an
Aviation Medical Examiner. Legacy Aviation will provide a list of available qualified Aviation Medical Examiners.

Do you have what it takes to become a pilot?

Where will this lead you?

Graduates of the program will have various employment opportunities after completing the program and successfully obtaining their licenses and certificates.

This could include:

Certified Flight Instructor • Pilot for Sightseeing Tours • Aerial Photography • Traffic Reporting • Banner Towing • Air Traffic Controller • Aeronautical Engineering • Aviation Safety Inspector • Aeronautics Technicians • Aircraft Dispatcher


• Introduction to Flying • Basic Aerodynamics • Navigation • Meteorology • Airframe & Engines • Aircraft Systems • Aviation Physiology • Federal Regulations • Aviation Law • Private Pilot Flight • Instrument Pilot Flight • Commercial Pilot Flight • Multiengine Pilot Flight • Certified Instructor Flight