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Next year will be the first year of our Aviation Program!

Our Vision

Our Vision

Frankford High School will be a collaborative setting engaging all stakeholders in an inspirational and respectful learning environment that prepares students to be productive global citizens.

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March 14, 2018 – March 16, 2018

Interim Report Window

Title 1 Meeting

You are invited to attend a meeting to provide input into the School-Wide plan and the School Budget. We need the assistance of our entire school community to prepare our students academically and emotionally for college, career and life. As our students’ family, you are the most important part of our school community. Families are most poised to assist us with knowing our students’ needs. As your Principal, I value your input and need your support, please plan to attend. The meeting will take place: Date: {Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2018} Time: {5:30-6:30pm} Location: {RM #124}

Inaugural Coffee House at Frankford

“Thursday night was the big one for a lot of the students at Frankford High School as family, friends, alumni and the public streamed into the main entrance to take in the presentations.  The Program was well organized and used all of the first floor of the main building for every kind of display and performance starting at 5 PM.

This was the first of what is to be an annual event for the school.” – Frankford Gazette

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“It has been exciting to watch our students express themselves through various media and experience a great deal of success by engaging in our expanded arts curriculum,” Dr. Michael Calderone

Pride of the Pioneers

“One wouldn’t know school was not in session walking into Frankford High School the night of Thursday, Dec. 14.

The school was packed with students, parents and faculty exploring the hallways, classrooms and auditorium to appreciate a wide variety of student-created art.

The night marked the school’s first Arts Coffee House, meant to celebrate the arts of Frankford students. Even though it was a new event for the school, the amount of student participation made it seem like a long-running tradition.

Approximately 150 students participated or had work on display at the event, which displayed art forms ranging from film, live musical performances, ceramics, photography, culinary arts, paintings, dramatic performances and more.

Logan Krum
Northeast Times

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Art Coffee House - From the Frankford Gazette

More photos from the night can be found HERE.

1st Annual Frankford 5k a huge success!

1st annual Frankford 5k collageIf you haven’t been following the Inaugural Frankford HS 5K on social media you have sure been missing out! I am happy to say that the event was a huge success! Special thanks to all those staff and students that participated in the event this past Saturday. It was an amazing community building experience and if you were not able to participate I hope that you get the opportunity to do so next year.

Special thanks goes out to 1SG Fraioli, Mr. Milhollen (CIS), Ms. Krause (City Year), Mr. King (College & Career), Ms. Thompson (School Psychologist), and Ms. Morris (9th & 11th Grade Counselor). The hours and hours that these people spent planning and organizing this event were on full display this past Saturday.

-Dr. Calderone

Photos from the day can be found HERE

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